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    Arcade Who?

    Music Mondays

    This post goes out to the Grammy-winning darlings of hip-hip-hop pop-rock, Arcade something. For what it's worth, better them than Eminem, it's about time brooding drugged-out mainstream-hipster iconoclasts get their day in the sun. Now do something cool with all your hype and subsequent gold bars so this hat-off performance of y'all at Coachella wasn't a peak in your career, but rather a momentary plateau in a high rising arc.

    This whole thing got me thinking "The Arcade Fire" is a pretty crappy band name. If you've got any other crappy band names like Chuck Norris Band, Good Religion and Thomyorkestra, as just a few examples, check out @CrappyBandNames on Twitter.

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    Michael Viviani


    Great textures and layering in the work of Michael Viviani.

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    Longmont Potion Castle

    Weird Video Friday

    Post Family cholo Tom Fec, of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Tobacco, first turned me on to Longmont Potion Castle. Hopefully this helps, or maybe gets you some kind of klaket that will help with your nectarine or sulfuric depletion.

    Happy Trails.

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    Super sexy, simple designer goods.


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    Richard Diebenkorn

    Prussian Blue

    How 'bout a little Prussian blue to start your Friday off on a soothing color? Recently been staring at Richard Diebenkorn's work like eating painkillers.

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    George Rousse

    Photography but so much more

    I don't even know what to say about this work. George Rousse is bonkers as hell. In a good way of course. Here is a google image search link. His website is way out of date. I totally love the space play. I wish the dvd documentary was on netflix.

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    Cody Haltom

    Design and Illustration

    Y'all know Public School, right? Well this is Cody Haltom. A classmate of the coolest Austin collabofactory I know. He relaunched his website recently with some real nice stuff, including the happy donut after the jump. Also, before you jump to conclusions, the copy below the drawing of the squiggly pencil says "This is not the first drawing of a squiggly pencil". In your face.

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    Bike Drawings

    doodle blog

    Andrew Neher made a blog where he posts pictures of bicycles drawn from memory that people send in. The amount of entries he receives has been growing steadily and he's been getting press in interesting places. You should totally draw one right now and send it to him. here's mine.

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    Rolu Studio

    Here are some shots that Matt Olson decided to shoot of the Rolu HQ after seeing the new studio issue of Acne Paper. I love both these things. Acne mag and Rolu that is. Well, and Matt. He's rad too.

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    Disposable Flash Drives

    Well, I'll be damned. The Russian design studio Art. Lebedev designed this neat contraption called Flashkus. They are made of cardboard, so you can label them! Neato.

    via Today and Tomorrow

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