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    Power in Numbers


    Come check out this awesome show tonight featuring prints from the Post Family!

    Opening Night: March 11 (7-10pm)

    The Chicago Art Department
    1837 South Halsted
    Chicago, IL 60608

    Power In Numbers:
    Power In Numbers is an international poster exhibition showcasing the work of over forty contemporary designers, illustrators, and printmakers. Participating artists have been asked to create a poster exploring their perspectives on multiplicity, ubiquity, and collectivism in contemporary poster design.

    Power in Numbers addresses working in multiples and how posters are able to reach a wider audience through their innate accessibility. Posters are omnipresent within present day culture, making us both aware and oblivious to their presence. They have the ability to persuade, inform, enlighten, and even entertain. By uniting a diverse group of creative disciplines through one common medium, Power In Numbers strives to capture the global temperature of today’s leading poster design.

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    Lunchmeat Festival 2011

    Prague | International Festival of Electronic Music and Visual Art

    Whether or not there will be sandwiches is unclear. What is clear is that the organizers got it right with when they thought up this new media jam fest.

    Lunchmeat, the international festival of independent electronic music and visual art invites musicians and artists, pairs them up, and stands by to see what happens. Visuals and sound as equal elements.

    Now in its 2nd year, the festival has brought in the likes of Nosaj Thing vs Aalto and No-Domain vs Jahbitat. From this year's line-up i'm looking forward to Flying Lotus lablemate Teebs vs F. Sanders + Dima Borzin, Luke Abbott vs. Niño Viejo, and Mapping Festival founder Boris Edelstein with Steve Buchanan putting on something entitled 'Rhythm Vision or Light, Sound + Death/L. S. D.'

    Read More

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    Good Dog Spotlight


    Our good friends at Strand have a new shop! I love their work and so should you. buy great stuff here.

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    Do more stuff on your phone!

    Preface: I'm probably the least tech savvy of this family but I can't help recognizing how wild west the world of apps is. I think most would agree. As we embrace our mobile devices as religion, it's hard to think about what this frontier will look like in even the next year.

    So, anyways, I'm hip to this SCVNGR app now. seems to have it all. Social networking, checking-in, rewards, mad corporate promos, blah, blah, blah. But can it poach me eggs on Sunday morning? Well, maybe.

    Whatever happened to just having a cup a coffee with a friend and having a good conversation without checking in or bumping our fucking phones?! God, I sound old and bitter.

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    Artist Book Show

    @ Paper Crane Saturday March 12th, 2011

    The Artist Book Show is a project that was developed to encourage people to see the book as more than something to read but also as an art object. 26 artists from around the world participated in The Paper Crane's first book project. Artists had 3 months to fill their book in any way they wanted and were encouraged to 'test the boundaries' of the book. For many this meant re-making the book entirely, for others it was allowing themselves to let their work spill out of the 6 x 9 measurement or challenging themselves with a new medium. Each and everyone of these books is a unique artifact of it's maker. Produced entirely by hand, each artist invested countless hours and personal time to this project.

    Artists include: Colin Palombi, Curtis Oliveira, Dennis Franklin, Eliza Fernand, Erika Miklovic-Clark, Esther Ramirez, Gabe McKinney, Hatti B. Figge, Jaime Ryan, John Philip Abbot, Josh Dumas, Josh Howard, Katy Groves, Kirk Bravender, Kreh Mellick, Margot Harrington, Matt Alicea, Melanie Parke, Nathan Vernau, Richard Kooyman, Robin Russo, Sarah Nesbit, Scott Reinhard, Susie Wilson, Tony Saunders, and Trent Miller.

    Saturday March 12, 2011
    from 5-8pm

    at The Paper Crane
    2846 W. North Ave floor #2
    (Please enter through the side door on Francisco Street)

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    Aled Lewis


    Some clever illustrations over at Aled's site and on his tumblr. Especially digging the censorship in Japan piece.

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    Art In The Streets

    History of Graffiti and Street Art @ MOCA

    I'm not even sure how to start this post after the wave of contradictory emotions while reading the press release so I'll keep it straight fact. MOCA is having a history of graffiti and street art show entitled Art In The Streets April 17th-August 8th. The press release linked out above explains it all.

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    Architizer on iPad

    Put your iPad to good use, check out the Architizer's iPad App.

    An amazing feed of architectural awesomeness can be downloaded for free.

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    Kebabnation Mix by Kozy

    Music Mondays

    Just thought I would share this little gem of a mix put together by the wonderful Kozy of the insanely talented artist duo Kozyndan. I've had it on repeat in my studio for a few days now. Part psychedelic rock interspersed with some really nice experimental electronic meditations, sitars, and compelling audio samples I've been finding really easy to get lost in. Give a listen here.

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    WAFA Future Journal

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