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    Art Dump

    Double Feature

    When I was a teenage skateboarder, I would watch this video almost every day before school, after school, and maybe even once before bed. Seriously. I couldn't get enough of Guy Mariano's part with that awesome song.

    Mouse - One of the classics that will be showing this Friday!

    The Art Dump
    Double Feature

    The Family Room Gallery
    Friday, March 25

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    Save NPR & PBS

    Last week the house voted to cut all federal funding for NPR and PBS. Sign this petition and send it to some friends. Together we can make sure this doesn't become a horrible reality.

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    Music Mondays

    We Have Signal: Earth from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

    We Have Signal

    Just recently found a really neat music resource, We Have Signal, produced through Alabama Public Television out of Birmingham's Bottle Tree Cafe. Check 'em for excellently recorded live shows inter-spliced with band interviews from some great acts like Tortoise, Dan Deacon, The Dodos, Pelican and Earth-a band you might soon be hearing about from me again.

    Here's a sentence I came up with to describe Earth:

    "Imagine a metaphorical mountain where the flanking sides of the land mass conversely represent the hypotheticals of good and evil—where the peak typifies fairness in generalized human emotion—now, consider Earth’s music to be the desperate pulsating drone of a massive boulder tumbling down that evil mountainside on an unmerciful and interminable path to probe humanity's deepest depths and darkest-most origins of our tragically innate emotional depravity—if there even is such bottom to the pit"

    Read More

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    almost a decade

    (nothing to see here folks)

    Just a melancholic reminder of the sad anniversary we mark today.

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    Good Fucking Design Advice

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    A Computer for Women!

    Weird Video Friday

    Not totally sure where this came to us from, but I think it had something to do with Pitch Design Union.

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    It's Nice That

    Issue #5

    Yup, it's a sweet mag!

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    Eric Timothy Carlson


    Pretty cool stuff at

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    First Course

    Lunchmeat Festival 2011

    Organizer's started serving up the first helpings of Lunchmeat Festival 2011 last night as Frances Sander & Dima Berzon put on a visual performance at Prague's Center for Contemporary Art, DOX, then loaded up their portable equipment into a rental van and took to the streets "light bombing" a unique display of collaborative live painting, meshing the two distinct styles of the older grey haired french impressionist inspired painter, Fances, and, Dima, a younger tech guy, first onto the industrial buildings of Holešovice and then moving onto the centuries-old architecture of Staré Město.

    On saturday, during the culmination of this electronic music, visual art and new media festival, the duo teams up with teebs to nod heads rhythmically and show that no matter what your age is you can still be an innovator.

    The final helping of Lunchmeant, "an all-night chillout 'snack'" beginning late saturday night, will be an open multimedia jam put on by SHARE "an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities," where everyone is invited to bring their own equipment and plug-in to this progressive international festival of collaboration, new media, music and art.

    Images from the blog of Frances Sander & Dima Berzon

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    Rich Brilliant Willing

    Pro Forma @ Volume

    I'm finally going to be in town for a VOL opening. I've been excited about their concept since we spoke at an SAIC class together last Fall. Jumping from space to space displaying small run special edition furniture focusing on strictly American designers. Totally rad. Finally, I'll get to experience it first hand.

    Volume 3.

    at Volume Gallery
    328 S. Jefferson St, 1st FL

    March 18–April 03, 2011
    Opening reception: Friday March 18th, 6-8pm

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