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    David Fullarton


    Not sure if we've posted his work before or not, but it's worth checking out again. Super nice mixed media work from David Fullarton.

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    I love these drawings.

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    Art Dump Show Opening

    Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and came out to the opening Friday! I can't remember the last time I had that much fun and met so many great people!

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    These Kids Be Jammin'

    Weird Video Friday

    Happy Friday!

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    Mumbai Skateboards

    Skateboards as art, again.

    Under the supervision of German curator Tobias Megerle, a dozen Mahim woodcarvers produced their own take on the traditional skateboard. The project, Final Cut, will be showcased at THE LOFT at Lower Parel.

    Interesting article about these beautifully handcrafted decks over at CNN of all places.

    Speaking of skateboard art, don't forget to come out to the show tonight! We've got some great stuff to auction off to help raise money for a skate plaza in Little Village.

    The Art Dump
    Double Feature

    The Family Room
    1821 W Hubbard

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    Chicago Band Questionare

    In an effort to highlight some of the great bands and musicians that frottage the surface of Chicago’s varied, and often under-recognized, music scene, The Post Family is beginning to circulate something of a Post Family questionnaire. The questionnaire asks local bands to provide rudimentary details about the group’s origin and sound, while also providing a superficial character analysis of the band with the kind of questions you’ve come to expect from our music interviews—think child-molester-vs-Porta-Potty questions with a conspiracy theory twist, tongue-and-cheek randomness and Marcel Proust seriousness—all delivered with the utmost transparency and hyperbole.

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    Crowdsourced Design Shop & Community

    Life is obviously about more than just birthdays, holidays, and illness (yikes) but how come that's the only time we get cards (And why are they so tacky?)? Digital messages are wonderful gestures but getting tactile stuff, especially if it's really cool, is way better.

    Enter: Chirply, a new crowdsourced design shop and community for paper products (greeting, birthday, holiday,... cards; notebooks; etc.). They're just finishing up their first card design contest, and telling by some of the early entrants like Will Bryant, Gemma Correl, Greg Abbott, Mr Gauky ,…and the list is growing, these so-called greeting cards will be more like well designed 5x7 miniprints from great and up-and-coming designers, all hand-selected by the design community.

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    Der Deutsch spielt, wir müssen tanzen.

    You can't quite put your finger on it... it's not quite a dance album, not quite an electronic album... well, it's kinda both but who gives a shit cause this album is crazy, and it's crazy in all the good creative ways. I think this half-comical, all-brilliant intro should grab your interest.

    Killin' it. And it only gets crazier from there.

    Meet the madman:

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    Russ and Dreyn


    "We try as hard as possible to shoot everything inside the camera.
    You can't account for the perfect mistakes."

    Great words of wisdom from Russ and Dreyn. And the work is rad too.

    via Just Add Water

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    Are You Mad?

    Mad As Hell Monday

    Funny how something written in 1976 can still evoke the same inspirational chills as it did some 30+ years ago. If you haven't seen Network, I suggest moving it up in that Netflix queue.

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